Ao Yai Beach

It is a beautiful viewpoint on Koh Kood. Overlooking Koh Kood, you can see the small fishing village surrounded by rainforest.

Ao Prao Beach, Koh Kood

Ao Prao is a quiet beach. The white beach is 900 meters long, parallel to the coconut trees.

Ao Klong Hin Beach

By the bay is a small creek with a long sandy beach about 300 meters to see the clear sea, perfect for swimming, chill out on the beach, abundant with coconut plantation.

Klong Chao Beach

Klong Chao Beach or Hat Khlong Chao is a beautiful beach with a central location. It’s the most popular beach on Koh Kood yet it’s never too crowded. Koh Kood has no crowded beaches and this one offers almost 800 meters of white and fine powdery sand also during high tide. It’s free of rocks and the water is crystal clear. No shops & no pushy souvenir vendors.

Klong Chao Waterfall

Klong Chao Waterfall Or fun waterfall A waterfall with water all year round, there are 3 floors, the top layer will look like a stream. The ground floor is a stream from a large waterfall. It is very suitable for swimming.

Ao Salat Bay

"Ao Salat" is a small fishing village. Located on the east side of Koh Kood away from the resort resort. There is a story in the past that in the past this bay was a shelter for the pirate ships plundered in this water to carry out the robbery. Then change the color of the boat before resale. It is the origin of the name "Ao Salat Bay"